Superpowerless is 20 year old electro artist Oliver Hindle from
Leeds, and the winner of Vodafone’s Fast Track competition. In Oliver’s own words, Superpowerless make ‘Game Boy-fueled adventure-core’ music, and his winning song Wasted My Time is a perfect example of this catchy electro-pop.

“I started off as a drummer in a punk-pop band, learnt guitar and played some acoustic sets at college.”, says Oliver. Oliver was then introduced to electronic music which would influence his musical direction. “After hearing the Postal Service, I started listening to electronic bands like Depeche Mode, Adult, and Motion City Soundtrack. I decided it was something I wanted to have a go at, so I bought a synth off eBay and started putting some songs together.”

After some minor live success and a mention in NME with electronic/rock band ‘Spacebars.Broken’ (“they called us ‘a ferocious Shitdisco’, which hopefully was referring to the band Shitdisco and not a particularly bad disco”), Oliver started writing his own songs using custom software for the Game Boy under the name of Superpowerless.

A year later and with a growing internet following, Superpowerless entered the live scene. “I currently gig with live band member Steve - we play crazy sets and trash our equipment! My songs are electronic but I've always written them from a sort of pop punk/rock background so the layout and the lyrics meant that we could perform as a rock band with other bands rather than at electronic nights”.

As part of the Fast Track prize, Oliver and Steve re-recorded Wasted My Time with renowned producer and DJ, Andy Chatterley. Andy has been Grammy nominated as part of The Buick Project, and played keyboard and Synths on Kanye West’s Graduation album, most notably on the hit single Stronger.

‘I am really pleased with the finished track and how far we managed to take it’, says Oliver. ‘
Working with Andy was awesome - he really liked the track so he was really enthusiastic about making it sound as good as possible. He taught me loads about mixing, composition and producing. He was really down to earth and we had a laugh as well.’ 

Superpowerless have also shot a music video for Wasted My Time with director Luc Janin, who has previously directed promos for Stereophonics, The Fratellis, Boy Kill Boy and Lethal Bizzle. The promo plays on Superpowerless’ heavy influence on computer game sounds and subject matter,and debuts on MTV on the 23rd March. Get a sneak preview of the music video from the behind the scenes video.

Wasted My Time is available to download from Vodafone Live! on 23rd March. Superpowerless play The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London on 24th March.